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Structured Cabling

Cabling infrastructure is the lowest cost portion of your network, yet the most important for performance and reliability.

Implementing the right cabling system, from connectivity to cable is imperative to achieve optimum performance from your network equipment, telephone, CCTV, AV and computer systems, and we can help you achieve this.

There are several types of cable that can be installed including cat5e, cat6, cat6a, cat7 and there are also shielded versions for a more specialist environment.  Choosing the right infrastructure solution for your budget and requirements can see you through for years to come and is often an oversight that we can help you with including specialist sound & vision cables.


APL provide a 20-year warranty on all our cabling installations and offer a ‘next day’ response time too at no additional cost, we are so confident in our workmanship.


All our installations, copper or fibre are Fluke tested and results produced if the client requires them.

Electrical Cabling

As a company we do carry out small works with our qualified electrician, however, we are specialists and don’t want to water down the solution we offer our clients for this reason APL work closely with an Electrical company enabling us to offer clients a maintenance and call out service for smaller scale jobs, both during and out of normal business hours. 


We maintain the project management so the client still has only one point of contact and before carrying out any job we ensure that we take into consideration the type of venue and the nature of the business to ensure all the necessary work is carried out with minimal disruption to our clients.

Digital Network Cables
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