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The smartest way to manage your Infrastructure,  installing cost-effective solutions that allow high speeds,larger band width and greater resistance to interference

Who are we

APL COMMUNICATIONS LTD has been in the business of supply and installation of IT and telecommunications cabling systems and power, together with a post installation maintenance service since 1998, registering as a limited company in 2005.

 The objectives of the company are as follow;

  • Continual improvement of strategic relationships

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Continued compliance with the relevant regulatory & industry standards


The directors have a combined industry experience of more than forty years; fifteen of those years have been in the emergence and growth of APL COMMUNICATIONS LTD.


The core strength of the company is the close relationships with its customers and alliances with individual IT companies around the UK allowing for continued growth. 


These are the factors that enable us to continue to succeed in increasing our competitive strength.


APL COMMUNICATIONS LTD will continue to build on the reliability, quality and excellent customer service we provide to our customers, thereby increasing our market share in the industry. It is important to us that our customers’ network infrastructure remains an asset well into the future.


Operational Excellence


Operational excellence is critical for APL COMMUNICATIONS LTD to maintain its competitive advantage and we never lose sight of the need for flexibility and understanding of our customers’ requirements.  Relationships are a major factor in all service industries and working together is very important to us as we are very aware that without a relationship there is no continued business.


We have a strong and experienced team who, working together with our customers, maintain the high-quality standards we demand.  This level of commitment is prevalent throughout the company and part of the company’s ethos and included within our internal and external training programme.

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Tel: 01908 579730

48 Alston Drive, Bradwell Abbey, Milton Keynes, MK13 9HB

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