CCTV Systems

Businesses has long used alarms to protect against theft and since early 2001 security systems have been upgraded to also include CCTV systems.

Companies that installed earlier CCTV systems did so on the coax infrastructure which was perfect for the technology at the time but as in everything, technology has moved on considerably since the beginnings of analogue CCTV.  Although maybe still working perfectly well, issues with the clarity of picture and reliability of analogue systems can mean companies are looking for a modern solution with minimal costs.

We install the HIKVISION system which has considerable advantages in today’s market place as a cost effective, reliable and user friendly system.

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We have been asked two very important questions though and we think the questions are important enough that we should share our answers!

  1. What if I can’t afford to totally replace but want to upgrade?  

The Turbo HIKVISION analogue solution can give your existing system 1080P offering seamless compatibility with a variety of third party cameras, giving you the option of replacing faulty cameras with an HD camera.

When all the cameras have been replaced along with the DVR you can convert it to IP by upgrading the infrastructure without one massive cost, spreading the upgrade over time.

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  1. What do I do if my current system is a new one but I am not sure if it is reliable?

We also offer CCTV status & operation monitoring, this system checks your CCTV system is operating correctly every hour of everyday 24/7.  It checks the following core issues and more…



Whether you are looking for a new complete install, an existing upgrade or if you want to learn more call 01908 579730 and speak to a Project Manager.